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Postcards using Word templates
Postcards using PDF templates

Download Docmail User Guide (PDF)

Postcards - small, but incredibly powerful direct marketing tools

Postcards are the shock troops of Direct Mail marketing! Quick to configure, they force you to be succinct and get your message across with brevity and punch. They are small enough to be pinned to noticeboards, stuffed into pockets or diaries and they tend to linger in view longer than other promotional leaflets or flyers.

What's more, with Docmail they are REALLY good value! Printed in full colour BOTH sides and gloss-laminated to make them sparkle, we offer print and postage on A6 cards for only 38p*! A5 cards cost just 40p*. You won't find genuine, configurable Direct Mail postcards cheaper, but don't be fooled into thinking low cost means low quality. Docmail Postcards are top quality stock and laminate, with delivery by Royal Mail to your customers. How's that for value?

Word templates

To work with our Word templates is simple. To work through our quick tutorial, download the Microsoft Word® A5 Left Address template here and follow these simple guidelines.


PDF templates

These are for designers who would rather use programs like Adobe Illustrator™or InDesign™and they provide similar positional information to aid laying out designs that will work perfectly around the automatic Docmail insertions. Download the Acrobat® PDF A5 Left Address template and follow this walkthru to use PDF templates.


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