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Docmail PrintDriver User Guide

How to use PrintDriver - and gain direct Postal access from within your favourite software!

Docmail PrintDriver Advanced User Guide

Learn a few more tricks and get the most out of Docmail - direct from your desktop PC!

Have you ever wished you could send that mail-merged sales letter straight to print and post with just the click of your mouse? Well thanks to Docmail PrintDriver, now you can.

Just install PrintDriver easily on any number of desktop PCs or notebooks in your organisation and there it is, ready to select when you are ready to print!

Now Desktop Direct Mail could not be simpler. You need to set up a Docmail Account if you haven't already done so, and upload any background templates as before, but after that, sending to Docmail is just like sending to the office printer. You can save useful Print Profiles for you or your staff to use again and again and even automate the workflow so you can click and forget!

We are really excited about Docmail PrintDriver because it is so quick and powerful. And it's totally free, so why not download it NOW and try it today?


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