Video: Adding data-driven styles and images (3 Parts)

In the first part we show how to set up our mailing document to carry variable data. In part 2, we set up appropriate triggers in our mailing list to access the right data and in the final part, we show how to combine the document and mailing list to produce recipient-based mailings.

By using Docmail's incredible 'data intelligence' features, it is now possible to create bespoke content according to recipient - all within a single mailing!

For instance, perhaps you are a business that wants to offer a special price or service to good customers? Well instead of having to create a separate mailing and mailing list for them, simply add specific content to your document and existing mailing list - and allow Docmail to insert what's appropriate, whether it be copy, visual style, graphics or images.

You don't need to be a guru either! Simple tags and commands added to the widely used Microsoft Word® or Excel® apps can vastly increase the power of your mailings.

Download the PDF today for a step-by-step approach, or watch our instructional videos above and start using these advanced features today.