Now we need to add our personalisation elements and for this we need Acrobat Professional. Open the newly exported PDF in Acrobat and with the front page to view go "Tools / Forms > Show Forms Toolbar". Select the Text Field tool and draw in the first field roughly in position.

PDF travel postcard image 9

A dialogue box should immediatly open with an option to change the field name. Leave it as it is and select the second "Appearance" tab. Here we can ensure that there is no border or fill selected. We can also specify the font we want to use, its size and colour...

PDF travel postcard image 10

Move on to the "Options" tab, choose the alignment you want then enter the appropriate Docmail tag, complete with the angle-brackets. In this case, we want <<fullname>>. Uncheck all of the options following and click "Close".

PDF travel postcard image 11

Repeat the process with a second field lower down. Leave the name as "Text2" but remember to adjust the font and alignment properties to match the fixed text you added in the original document. This time label its default field <<firstname>> and close the dialogue.

You will see the tags have appeared, correctly styled, within the text fields. Move them into their exact positions. NB. Make sure that the text fields are large enough to take long names at the font size you have specified!

PDF travel postcard image 13

Let's do the same on the reverse of our postcard... ▶