Make sure that you have your image sized to A5 horizontally (if you are using an A5 template as in this example). For this you can use any reasonable image-editing tool like PaintShop Pro or Adobe Photoshop Elements. There are plenty of completely FREE image editors out there as well, so pick one that suits you if you'd rather not splash out on a commercial program. Ideally you should make you image 210mm x 148mm with a ratio of 150dpi (dots per inch) or higher.

Back in Word, go "Insert / Picture > From File..." and you should see your pre-sized image completely filling the background of our Text Box.


One of the advantages of pre-building your postcard in Word is that you can add text, headings and other graphics, turning a postcard into quite a slick marketing tool. Draw another text box on top of the picture you have just imported and position it where you want the headline to go.

Word travel postcard image 3

Double click it as you did with the first one to bring up the dialogue box and remove the background colour and outline border as you did before. You can leave the internal margins as they are this time. Close the dialogue box and you are ready to type in your heading. In our example we are doing a mailer for cheap holidays, so select a suitable typeface and type in the headline.

Word travel postcard image 4

Because we are using text boxes, we can move the words around the page to position them where we want. We'll make this key word as big as possible to catch peoples' eye.

Let's add more text and some personalisation tags next ▶