To remove the template, select "View/Header and Footer" and both underlying templates will become selectable. The one on the front may be hidden if you have used a full page graphic, as in this example, but clicking on the page will highlight the handles on the edges. Once highlighted, the template graphics must be deleted.

When you have done this, go "View / Header and Footer" again and the completed pages are revealed, as in the example below:

Word travel postcard image 7


Log in to Docmail with your usual Username and Password and create a new mailing.

Create Mailing

Select the Postcard option and follow the options trail. When you reach the "Select template" screen, upload your newly created postcard. You will then need to add recipient addresses or upload a mailing list in the usual way (see the Standard Docmail Userguide). At this stage personalisation tags will be detected and real names substituted. At the "Approval" screen, click on "VIEW PROOF". Our example looks like this:

Card Front Proof

Card back ProofCongratulations! You have just created your own piece of targeted Direct Mail that looks smart and professional... but at a fraction of what it would have cost by traditional means.

Once you are happy with the proof, proceed to the payment page, complete, then sit back - your mailing is on it's way!