"Docmail integrates extremely well with our clinical system which saves any messing about and it’s great for producing individual letters which I usually do in batches of 20 or 30 at a time. Docmail uses 256 bit RSA encryption which provides assurance that our data is secure. Docmail also provides detailed reports of usage which can easily be configured by the end user."

Danny England, Assistant Practice Manager, Brookside Health Centre

"Docmail gets rid of all the donkey work, it’s not only cheaper than the cost of a second class stamp for the print, the envelope and posting but what used to take me a day a week now takes about a hour. I can now concentrate on the important things like preparing the accounts rather than babysitting a printer. I can also suit myself where and when I create the run, which can often be at home watching television.

"We can also print on both sides of the letter which allows us to use the reverse for marketing messages and the quality is better than anything we produced before.

"The other major benefit is that I can schedule mailings so for example if I am going on holiday I line up all the mailings for the next three weeks rather than having to get everything ready in advance and rely on someone else to go to the post office."

Lucy Horrocks, Edwards Opticians

"Undoubtedly, we have cut our stationery and postage bill, but by far the biggest benefit for us as a practice is the time it saves – not only does it save us time printing and stuffing envelopes, but being able to select different databases with a few clicks makes it easy for use to organise and categorise our mailings.

"This level of efficiency for us as a small independent business is significant. We have cut down staff time by 75% using Docmail, and that allows us to dedicate more time to clients and patients and maintaining our high standards of service.

Martin Brice, Practice Founder, Emerson’s Green Veterinary Surgery

"After paying for the envelopes and service it still costs less than the price of a second class stamp and the time it saves our busy staff is invaluable.

"Previously we would have to ask admin staff to place all the printed letters into envelopes. This could take a couple of members of staff up to three days. Using Docmail I managed to send a letter to 896 pupils just this morning."

Christine Black, Data Manager, The Walthamstow School for Girls

"The IER process added hugely to our existing workload and overhead. In the run up the General Election we had to print and post around 5,000 applications. Each one had to be folded and stuffed by hand, as our automatic folder/inserter couldn’t handle the A3 forms. The envelopes then had to be hand fed through a franking machine.

"We could have used our existing software supplier to download and print the letters but they had rigid weekly cut off dates with letters taking a further 3 to 4 days to go out. Elections by their very nature are deadline driven and we needed to find an alternative solution which suited the way we work.

"Historically we have used Print UK for all our bulk mailings and they introduced us to Docmail which is a hybrid mail system which allows us to upload data and then print, enclose and mail by touching a button.

"The beauty is that we can mail as many letters as we want, when we want and the letters go out next day. Docmail can print in black and white on one side or two (simplex/duplex) or colour, has the ability to create A3 forms, I can also include return envelopes in the mailing piece.

"Docmail saves a huge amount of staff time for example a letter to 500 election staff for the PCC Elections took minutes when typically it would have taken a team member the best part of a day.

"Importantly with the ever present need to cut budgets Docmail is hugely cost effective, a printed and posted letter costs less than a second class stamp."

Cathy Ruelens, Electoral Services Manager, Governance and Communications, Teignbridge District Council