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docmail online mail management

The low cost, easy online way to create, personalise, print and mail ALL YOUR POST!

Look how simple it is to create and send a mailing with Docmail!

Docmail is a brand new way to create and send your post. By simply logging on to our website you can create what we call a “mailing” with a few clicks of the mouse. A mailing is your order to us, and tell us what to print, and who to send it to. Docmail offers you the ultimate flexibility - you control what to print, you control who to send it to, but we do all the work!

Navigating around Docmail

After logging in, you will be at the docmail home page. From here, you can navigate to the different areas of docmail.

The 4 main functional areas are as follows:


Create a mailing

This is where it all comes together! Once you have mail packs and mailing lists you can then start to create a mailing. Here you tell us what mail pack and mailing list to use, set a few other options (such as whether you want your mailing in colour or whether you want to get a copy yourself) and then see a proof of your mailing in PDF format. Once the proof is approved, you simply pay by credit or debit card and then relax and leave all the hard work to us.

Logging in to Docmail

You can log in to docmail at the website address https://cfhdocmail.com/login.aspx using the username and password supplied to you when you signed up. We recommend you change your password to something more memorable to you, and this can be done by accessing “My Account Administration”. See section changing my password.

Manage mail packs & templates

In this section you can set up your letter documents (we’ll call them templates from now on) and put your templates into something called a mail pack. Think of a mail pack as a paperclip, holding different templates that you may want to use together. Each mail pack will therefore always contain at least one template.

Manage mailings lists & addresses

In this section you control the name and address data used in your mailings. You can add names and addresses into docmail which you can then use again and again. You can even sort your names and addresses into what we call mailing lists. When you create a mailing you can then just select a mailing list name and docmail will know who to send the mailing to.

My account administration

In this section you can change and update all your Account details, as well as viewing old mailings and invoices, and setting up letterheads and signatures to use in your mailings.